EU eEurope eHealth 2005

From the authors: “The Information Society offers new possibilities for improving almost every aspect of healthcare, from making medical systems more powerful to providing better health information to everyone. The impact of e-Health is, therefore, is as diverse as the sector itself, encompassing the quality of health-related Web content, patient data security, ‘telemedicine’ technologies, tackling administrative headaches for hospital staff, doctors and patients, and much more.”

Studies of the ICTs for Health Unit

In this section of their website the unit presents their actual and coming studies

EU Directorate H – ICT For Citizens and Businesses

mission statement by the authors: “The mission of the unit is to contribute to the Lisbon Strategy in making Europe the most competitive knowledge-based economy by 2010 through RTD in intelligent environments that enable ubiquitous management of citizens’ health status and assist health professionals in coping with major health challenges”

World Summit on the Information Society – Tunis 2005

The World Summit on the Information Society is held in two phases. The second phase of WSIS took place in Tunis hosted by the Government of Tunisia from 16 to 18 November 2005

UK Green Book, Appraisal and evaluation in central government

The Green Book describes how the economic, financial, social and environmental assessments of a policy, programme or project should be combined.